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People First

At GovDelivery, we understand people: people in government and people in the community. More than 1,000 government organisations use our communications solutions to connect with more than 90 million people worldwide. No one knows how to help you reach and engage people better than GovDelivery.

Here's how we can help you:

  • Connect with more people — With over a decade of experience helping more than 1,000 government organisations worldwide, GovDelivery can help you exponentially reach more people, using current communications tools and unique tools, such as the GovDelivery Network, which allows government organisations to cross-promote content to other public sector entities. 30,000 new people sign up for updates from government through GovDelivery every day, and we manage billions of communications every quarter.
  • Deliver relevant communications & get people to act — With GovDelivery, you can directly reach the right people at the right time with the right message to get them to act. Our communications platform gives people the opportunity to select the content they want to receive, which means you gain valuable insights into what your audience cares about and you can use that insight to create and deliver relevant, action-oriented information quickly and easily.
  • Be more impactful — Exponentially reaching more people builds greater awareness and deeper engagement, which means more people are taking the actions you need them to take. From school closures to bin pick-ups, from severe weather alerts to national data and statistics, reaching more people and delivering relevant communications allows you to promote actions to be more impactful and ultimately fulfill the mission of your organisation.

As the #1 site traffic driver for public sector organisations and initiatives, from local authorities like Southampton City Council and Central Bedfordshire Council to Central Government agencies like Driving Standards Agency and GOV.UK and major European organisations such as European Parliament and European Space Agency, GovDelivery’s unrivaled scale and technology can transform your communications, enabling your organisation to connect with more people and to get them to act.

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